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What are those "IN 1/2 MS Matrix" and "L/R MS-RAW MONITOR" functions on a Zoom H5?

I am new to sound design, still learning. I have purchased this Zoom H5 that I use to record sound from my cardioid mic and it works fantastically great, specially compared to a crappy M-Audio ...
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Using Sennheiser MKH 418s for mid side recording with Zoom F4 and/or Tascam DR-100 MKII

please forgive my ignorance and feel free to simply point to where I can find the information. a colleague brought in a Sennheiser MKH 418S, I have not used it neither have I done M/S recording ...
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For now my mic collection is basically limited to a CMIT5, and after I rented a CCM8 to combine an MS with CMIT for a job I fell in love with the sound. So I want to buy one, mostly for booming but ...
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Is it possible to use a M/S microphone as a mono mic?

Is it a normal mono sound you get if you use a M/S stereo mic by only plugging in the left or center? Does it sound like a normal mono shotgun mic?
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editing ms dialogue recordings

i will work on a documentary which was recorded via ms (in combination with lavelier mics). is there anything you guys would recommend when editing ms dialogue tracks in protools? how would you ...
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Stereo Width in Oktava M/S recordings

I wanted to experiment with M/S as I had not tried it before so set up a cheap rig using a couple of Oktavas with the figure of 8 adapter. I've done a few recordings outside my window and mastered ...
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Ambiences - MKH418S / Sony ECM MS5 / Rode NT4 (x/y)

Good morning from Prague, today, I'm recording some stereo ambiences for a short film. Shame on me, but I used M-S mic just once so far for a school exercise. (We had to create some layered ambiences ...
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MS Setup: microphone sensitivity MKH50 vs CM3

I've been wanting to try out a cardiod in my MS setup (MKH30&50/60) to get a better image. But instead of buying a MKH(80)40 i'm trying out Line audio cm3's. They are nice mic's for a very low ...
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Schoeps M/S: Mid Capsule MK41 or MK4?

I am looking to set up a MS field recording rig based around Schoeps. I am wondering what your experiences are regarding using a Supercardioid (MK41) vs. a Cardioid (MK4) as the Mid channel? Is one ...
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Double M/S System recomendations

Hi i´m planning a field recording trip (Turkey). I´m looking also for renting a double M/S Setup for beeing as much flexible as i can. So what are your thoughts about a Neumann km140 /120 combination ...
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4 answers

My first MS stereo setup.

I've been getting some great suggestions through email correspondence but I wanted to put this question out to ya'll. You have $4000 and you want to buy a M-S stereo microphone setup(zeppelin and ...
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Encoding LR to MS - which plug-in?

I am trying to find a plug-in that encodes LR-signals to MS. I have two AT3032 that I want to use as a stereo pair, and this is what I need to do (as per instructions): "Match the mic response with ...
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Matrixing LR as MS?

As I've become more comfortable with mid-side stereo recording and matrixing it as LR in post, rather than at capture time, I'm wondering about the ability in various plug-ins to encode LR into MS. ...
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Field Recording M/S matrixing

Hi to all field recordists. If using a stereo shotgun microphone, how could you hear what it is you're recording through m/s encoding in real time (ex, not later on in the studio, rather while in the ...
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M/S concerns regarding the end-user

I know the question of M/S vs. X/Y recordings has been discussed many times as well as the benefits of both. All of that aside, I'm a little concerned about how my M/S recordings will be used by the ...
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Inline M/S manipulation with Voxengo MSED

I have always heard, and agreed that it is best not to decode the M/S while recording to be able to do it properly in post. This extra step can be a bit time consuming just to be able to monitor for ...
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M/S mic options

I'm working on another feature film this summer and I need to record a lot of sound to be used in post. On set we'll have unique planes, tanks, armored personnel carriers, weapons etc. that we won't ...
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