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Audio equivalent to QR code

I'm wondering if there is any protocol which would allow to encode data through audio in a human tolerable kind of way ? An example would be the LTC protocol which is not at all human tolerable (my ...
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Is audio better quality through a DAC meant for microphone encoing? (U-Phoria UM2)

Just experimenting with some of my equipment and my headphones. I'm reading that a DAC does all the decoding instead of the PC, basically achieving better audio. While I don't have the budget to get a ...
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Is it possible for Matlab to read and decode an mp3 file?

I have run the following Matlab code and I got a signal as shown in the Figure below. [y, fs] = audioread(mp3file); y1 = y(:,1); y2 = y(:,2); dt = 1/fs; t1 = 0:dt:(length(y1)*dt)-dt; t2 = 0:dt:(...
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What causes the spike in PCM signal?

I decode an mp3 song using two different methods. The output PCM signals are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively. Both the decoded output files have the same file size and audio quality. ...
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Does the .wav file created from a .mp3 file have better quality than the .mp3 file itself?

A .wav file created from a .mp3 file has the same frequency domain plot as the mp3 file itself. However, the .wav file created from .mp3 file has larger file size. According the post https://...
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What is the difference between Vorbis and Opus?

I would like to split up an audio stream (32bit floats) to chunks, encode them with a lossy compression and then decode it in the other side. I have no experience with audio codecs, so I started to ...
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How can I learn to write audio decoding software [closed]

I decided to write a decoding software. I have chosen to deal with Vorbis and Ogg first. I've read their specification for hours, and it is a brain-screw for me. The decoding involves using bitwise ...
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Are compressed audio files converted to raw pcm by audio players?

When audio players (like VLC, for example) play compressed audio files (like mp3, for instance), do they first convert them to pcm data (like in wav files) and then play it? It seems very logical to ...
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Inline M/S manipulation with Voxengo MSED

I have always heard, and agreed that it is best not to decode the M/S while recording to be able to do it properly in post. This extra step can be a bit time consuming just to be able to monitor for ...
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Looking for a good but cheap hardware mid-side decoder.

I currently have a DIY M-S decoder, which is very noisy and the stereo image is wrong. The mid is much lower than it should and the sides are overbearing. Basically, it is impossible for me to monitor ...
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