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For now my mic collection is basically limited to a CMIT5, and after I rented a CCM8 to combine an MS with CMIT for a job I fell in love with the sound. So I want to buy one, mostly for booming but ...
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Schoeps M/S: Mid Capsule MK41 or MK4?

I am looking to set up a MS field recording rig based around Schoeps. I am wondering what your experiences are regarding using a Supercardioid (MK41) vs. a Cardioid (MK4) as the Mid channel? Is one ...
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Recording SFX in mono or stereo / Mic options?

A common question on here seems to be a recommendation for a SFX mic (mostly indoors). I too am currently mulling over this same issue. I am planning to do several SFX libraries in the near future,...
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Schoeps CMC6-u Mk41 or Schoeps CMIT 5u for FX recording

Hi, I'm fairly new to FX recording and I'm looking for a good mic for excellent quality recordings. I've done a decent amount of research and have narrowed it down to the Schoeps CMC6-u Mk41 or ...
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Completing a Schoeps M/S Rig: CMBI + CCM or CMC (and wind protection?)

I'm looking to run a Schoeps M/S rig into a Sound Devices 702. I know the preferred way is to go full CCM, but I already have one CMBI + MK2 and want to pick up an MK8 or CCM8 and run M/S. My ...
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Omni mic sub bass boost?

I seem to remember reading about this phenomenon with omni mics before somewhere a long time ago, but I just took the opportunity to record a noisy vent in one of my rooms and I recorded it with an ...
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Mixing Midside Mid and Side Brands

I've seen some people say that you shouldn't mix brands when dealing with midside, but I've also seen people say it doesn't matter. I just bought an MKH30 and am looking to pick up a hyper/super ...
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How often do you send mics to the doctor?

I own 4 vintage U87s from the 70s among other vintage Neumann, AKG and Telefunkens. But those are the main ones I use for voice-over and they get a lot of mileage. I'm thinking of sending them in ...
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Double M/S on seperate 2 channel recorders?

I have the opportunity to use a Schoeps double M/S system, but I don't have a recorder with enough channels. I have two 2-channel recorders, and I'm hoping I will be able to get away with this setup ...
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Schoeps Microphone Trivia

Hey guys, This isn't exactly a question but I thought it was cool information to know about Schoeps mics: I was at NAB this year and I saw the new SuperCMIT shotgun (digital shotgun which is super-...
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