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How Can I Make Haunted House Ambient Music?

I'm currently working on a cartoon that involves a cartoon character going cuckoo for a cereal box toy in an asylum and I got some things that I want to keep in mind for the music and sound design. It'...
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Which gear to use to get dark and ambient techno / house sounds?

I've put together some hardware that I like and use for my productions that can resemble 80s house and techno pretty good with my setup which is a Roland TR-909, a Roland TR-808, a Roland Juno 106, a ...
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Buzz flange effect

I was watching the dark knight soundworks video and they walk you through a lot of the process of layering sounds for the bat copter. One layer is called buzz flange and it sounds mean! I've ...
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Why are ADR scenes dark?

When you see behind-the-scenes shots from ADR/dubbing stages, they're almost always pitch black, except one or two sharp lights. Why is this? You'd think it would be more comfortable to work in a ...
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so what mics are these?

What mics are these fine sound recordists using and why?
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