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Audio / sound masters course. Which to go for?

Hi there, I have applied for 3 masters courses in total. I want to get into sound design / composition for interactive media (games / mobile apps) as well as multimedia. MA Audio Production at ...
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Video courses on sound design for film/tv ?

Hi!! new member here.. I'm looking for dvd's or video courses on sound design for film/tv. I would like to learn everything from recording the right way to adding audio effects or anything needed ...
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Online Sound Design Courses

I'm been producing electronic music for a while now. I create most of my music with analogue synths but I'm no stranger to digital synthesis using a a variety of methods. This year, I'm going to take ...
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Sound Design course - London School Of Sound

Hi Everybody, i'm an Italian guy who will graduate at the conservaotry of Padova in this december as sound engineer. Recently i discovered (and start to love) the figure of Sound Designer into film ...
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The best European Sound Design Courses at Postgraduate level? [closed]

Hello all you social sound designers out there... I am going to study Film & Moving Image Production this September at University. I am already looking forward to what I want to do with the ...
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Game Audio Course

Hi I'd like to know some info as to break into the Game Audio industry. I'm an electronic music producer for the past 6 years and also an avid gamer! Been very keen to pursue this field, but i'm not ...
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Game Audio Course Work

If you were to enroll on a non-degree path in a regular state college, what program would benefit learning more about game audio scripting and implementation? This wouldnt be a tech school or vocation,...
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Sound design courses and full education programs.

I live in a not very progressive country, especially with regards to specialisms like sound design. It is in north-eastern europe. And after researching the web I can not find out if there is a place ...
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