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1 answer

What degree should I go for?

I'm a college student at my local community college where I am currently enrolled as a music major. I just finished my first semester and I am still trying to figure out what degree I want or exactly ...
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3 answers

Jump in Sound Design [duplicate]

My name is Riccardo i'm 23yo from Italy. I'm trying to abandon my work as sound engineer and jump in the world of Sound Design. Until now i've always passed lot of time working with Ableton Live on ...
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5 answers

Sound Design & Foley thesis

Hi everyone! I'm an italian Electronic Music student and I'm about to start writing my final thesis for the course. Sound design & foley are a new subject for me, they do not teach me anything ...
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Online - Master Degree In Sound Design (or) Audio Production

Hi Audio Pros, I would like to know if there are any online college that offer a Masters degree in Sound Design (or) Audio Production. The reason that im asking this is because i have no formal ...
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7 answers

Sound design courses and full education programs.

I live in a not very progressive country, especially with regards to specialisms like sound design. It is in north-eastern europe. And after researching the web I can not find out if there is a place ...
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