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How to get good at Music Production?

How do you think music production could be understood? How do you guys learn and improve your production skills? Youtube?Udemy courses? Having a degree in music production? Also, those who have been ...
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Sound Design/Sound Engineering Masters in Europe

I studied Computer Engineering in Italy and now I'm searching for a Master in sound in Europe. I want to explore mainly the technical aspects of the Sound Engineering, like recordig and post-...
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Experienced sound designer needed for evaluating uni project

Hello everyone, I am looking for an experienced sound designer for helping me in evaluating my final uni project. It would take no more than one hour to meet up on Skype and talk about the sound I ...
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University Sound Design Project. PLEASE HELP.

I'm starting my Honours project for my final year at University and I'd like to ask all you pros out there for some advice on my initial idea. I've decided to explore spatial audio, specifically 5.1/...
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Looking some help/advice for my Honours Project [Sound replacement with film]

Morning folks! I've just began my final year of university, doing Digital Media with a specialisation in Sound Design and its time to do my honours project and dissertation. The general gist is that ...
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Game Audio Course Work

If you were to enroll on a non-degree path in a regular state college, what program would benefit learning more about game audio scripting and implementation? This wouldnt be a tech school or vocation,...
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University graduates - Do you offer your dissertation out on your website?

Hello I am planning finishing my website off once I have finished my university degree and wondered if it was a good or bad idea to put up my final year project / dissertation as downloadable files ...
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