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Record a room with people without miking them individually

Hey I need to record a room of up to 20 people. (Its a so called hybrid seminar in which some people are participating via zoom and some are physically attending it). The goal is that the people in ...
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Recording questions from a conference crowd

As a small user-group we regularly organize mini conference with a few talks and 60-140 attendees. We have a nice portable setup for recording the talks (Camera->HDMI->MacBook->Wirecast). The ...
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Wireless conference systems with more than 8 channels?

We have a large hall which is used for conferences and meetings. The participants are usually 5-40 people. We are looking for a system which can provide us: Mics infront of every participant of the ...
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Advice on Recording a Conference

Hi all. I've been asked by a friend for some advice on how to go about recording the audio for an event he's filming. I don't have much experience with events recording and am still a little green ...
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Sound Design Lecture

Hi! I was invited to talk about Sound Design in a film festival (focused in cinematography). This is the first time I will be giving a conference like that, and I would like to ask you for some help. ...
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Music & The Moving Image Conference - NYU, May 20-22, 2011

Despite the name of the symposium, there are many conferences about sound design as well. So... Are you going? Anyone has attended past conferences? I would like to meet some of you this summer in ...
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