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Is is possible to obtain line level with Composite/RCA connector from an ASHLY TRA-4150 Amplifier?

I am trying to split the output of an audio channel output "mix" (there is no mixing panel between the mic inputs to amplifier and speaker). From what I can see, it appears that there is a ...
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How to connect an active sub to mixer

I'm going to buy a PA system with two 15 inch speakers and an included mixer, and a 15 inch sub. The ones I've chosen are solely because they're in my budget and seem like a good deal for my use ...
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Sound System Setup for Live Band (Acoustic Violin,Guitar & Digital Keyboard)

So I run a local live band in my hometown. Aside from performing, my job is also to find cost-effective sound system from 3rd party. The sound system is only used for my live band and for the MC. ...
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Wireless conference systems with more than 8 channels?

We have a large hall which is used for conferences and meetings. The participants are usually 5-40 people. We are looking for a system which can provide us: Mics infront of every participant of the ...
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Connect two separate Surround Sound Speakers with one Laptop [closed]

I have two separate Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers (5:1) and wondering, is there a way to connect them together and make one system with two subs and 10 speakers? One of the idea is to use ...
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We are putting speakers in the trees in parks and need some design suggestions for systems [closed]

Sounds Art project in the Parks. We are putting speakers in the trees in parks and need some design suggestions for systems. We are putting 3 x out door speakers in seprate trees in the park and we ...
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material for acoustic reflection?

I'm trying to find some cheap material to make acoustic reflectors out of. From what I hear the most important thing is that the material be stiff, however from my research stiffness (measured in GPA ...
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Does Logic Pro support Rewire 64-bit (for Reason 6)?

Assuming that Logic Pro is in itself 64-bit compatible, does it also support ReWire in 64-bit mode so that Reason 6 can be used with it?
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When going digital what are some things to be aware of?

We currently have a normal analogue system that supports about 25 channels of sound input. We want to switch our sound board to digital. Is this straight forward or is there things we need to be ...
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Do you use colored regions at all?

I have a system where I color all the SFX originally done by the SFX editor black, and any fixes I do or changes I color them Red, and any fixes or new SFX from the editor are colored Dark Blue. I ...
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