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How can I convert from PCM to EVS audio file and decode back to PCM?

everybody. I have a problem with converting to 3GPP TS 26.442. If I want to convert from .48k to .192 file, how am I supposed to get original audio file? Do I have to convert from any audio file (eg. ...
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How to merge time-lapse videos and soundtrack?

I want to create video clip with merged time-lapse short videos and a soundtrack accompanying it. I would prefer as short a learning curve as possible and a rapid way to accomplish this. Adobe ...
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When I read "MPEG-4 AAC", does this mean 'AAC', 'AAC+ Version 1', or 'AAC+ Version 2'?

I'm encoding .3gp videos. Instructions say, under audio codec: "MPEG-4 AAC". On audio settings, I can choose between "AAC", "AAC+ Version 1" and "AAC+ Version 2". I'm lost. Can anyone enlighten me?
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