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How can I convert from PCM to EVS audio file and decode back to PCM?

everybody. I have a problem with converting to 3GPP TS 26.442. If I want to convert from .48k to .192 file, how am I supposed to get original audio file? Do I have to convert from any audio file (eg. ...
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Can headphones with 1/8" inputs be used with a mixing board's aux sends that output to XLR or 1/4"?

I am looking at mixing boards that have aux sends. This one uses XLR aux and this one uses 1/4" aux. Can I use a converter to listen to the aux send on headphones that take 1/8" input? For ...
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Purely Mechanical Acoustic Frequency Converter

I'm an electrical guy, so I know how to make a frequency converter electrically. Or by using software through resampling, etc. My mechanical understanding of the world is much more lacking. What I'm ...
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How to generate 8 bit unsigned PCM code comma separated

Does anyone know if the audacity is capable of generating 8 bit unsigned PCM code comma separated or just 8 bit unsigned PCM code that are represented as bytes/number values? If not, any clues on ...
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Is the quality of a DAC related to software implementation?

I am not an audiophile. I have heard many times that hardware X has good/bad DAC. The "has" signifies that DAC is a kind of separate chip inside it. As far as I know, DAC is an algorithm to fill in ...
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How to convert Stereo RCA to XLR?

I am extracting HDMI audio using an optical Toslink + L/R Stereo Analog Converter (VHD-H2HSAs), then using a Y patch cable XLR Male to 2 RCA Male (Seismic Audio-SA-Y6-6 Inch Splitter) I connect to ...
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How to batch demux sound from videos to mp3 or aac

I have more then 1000 videos that i want to use for radio over Shoutcast. Recommend a software to batch demux audio from video files to mp3 or aac. Video are original formats for TV broadcasting so ...
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Is there a way for me to hook up my headphones ( regular headphone jack ) via Bluetooth?

Do these adapters exist? I'd plug my headphones jack (male) into the bluetooth connector (female), then connect to my HDTV via bluetooth. This way I can lay in bed with my WIRED headphones on, ...
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Convert mono output to stereo? [closed]

I plan on buying the Behringer MICROMIX MX 400 line mixer because it's really cheap and I don't need more than 4 input channels. The only problem is that it has a mono output. I tried searching for ...
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ADPCM codec info, mac converter, etc

So i'm dealing with the C4 engine right now, and its audio capabilities are pretty spartan. For compressed streams, the only codec it allows is ADPCM. Most of the information i can find on this codec ...
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Changing nearfield monitors + D/A

Hi, since I'm relocating to a new country, I'm thinking to sell my pair of Dynaudio BM15A and buy something smaller, more suitable for a studio apartment. Main use is for presets programming and ...
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Rewire EZ VINYL/TAPE CONVERTER to protools

Hi guys I recently got EZ a VINYL/TAPE CONVERTER, I will use it to convert/capture/record a load of old vinyls from my late father's massive collection. I tried running the program with protools ...
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Black Lion Audio Mods?

I'm going to upgrade from my original Mbox 2 to an Mbox 3 soon. I was browsing around the internet for a bunch of stuff when I stumbled upon this. I ...
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Free MP2 Converter for Mac

In South Africa, the radio stations requires the sound to be an MPEG Audio Layer II with a Constant Bitrate of 384kbit/sec. I haven't come across this before, and I'm struggling to find a free ...
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Connecting MixPre-D to a Sony PCM D-50 via a OPT-S/PDIF AES-EBU Converter?

Looking at the new MixPre-D by Sound Devices I got the idea that perhaps it would be possible to connect it to a Sony PCM D-50 digitally. After some googling I found out that there indeed are portable ...
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