I have a new Mackie Onyx 2x2 running into a Win 10 pro Intel i5-2500K CPU @3.30 Ghz w 8 gig ram, running Cubase 10 elements. I have terrible noise via the usb connection to my PC. I have tried various ports, cleaned all of the usb ports but still massive noise. How do I keep the USB cable from picking up all of the noise? The noise doesn't seem to make it onto recorded tracks as much, but monitoring and tracking is a huge pain!


There are many possible reasons for noisy audio. I personally don’t believe it is the cables if the recorded audio is cleaner. In any case it is always good to test with other cables if you have them laying around. I would think it might be something on the software side. More specifically I would begin by increasing the buffer of the audio interface (from its software or DAW). Often the small buffer sizes are too much from the cpu and they produce lags that sound like noises. How much is the cpu usage according to the indicator in cubase?

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