Besides the obvious like pitch shift, I have a few favorites such as Prosoniq's Morph and PiWarp, iZotope Spectron, and GRM tools as well as some of the Pluggo suite. What are your favorite plug-ins for use in building creature vocals?

(Edited because I feel like I gave the wrong impression with the initial question -- I'm not saying "please tell me which plug-in will magically create great creature sounds," but rather "I'm curious as to which plug-ins you've had good results with, and for which specific aspects of the vocals you were creating." Obviously, creature creation is a lot more complicated (and fun) than passing a recording through some wondrous RydstromVox Plus plug-in. :) Sorry if it sounded like that's what I was asking.)

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Plug-ins are an valuable part of the sound designer's arsenal, but I think it's critical to stress the importance of choosing the right sounds early on so that plug-in manipulation is kept to a minimum, or at least focused on a particular type of plug-in such as pitch shift or phasing. The place you don't want to find yourself is using the wrong sound which requires extensive manipulation to start sounding right.

That said, I find the following plug-ins valuable most of the time, in varying doses:

  • Pitch n Time
  • Waves LoAir
  • Waves MondoMod
  • Digi Reverse
  • Waves L1
  • Digi EQ3

With the right sounds and some of those plug-ins, you should be more than covered.


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    I concur - the right ingredients are necessary to make a tasty sound, and overprocessing the wrong source is a poor practice.
    – Tyler
    Sep 13, 2010 at 20:25
  • @Jay Sometimes a touch of Doubler creates interesting tonalities with the mono phasing. Gotta be careful with that one though - a little bit can go a long way (in the wrong sense) Apr 9, 2013 at 6:43

Totally agree with you Jay

For me it would be mostly altering appropriate source material with Audiosuite plugins, like pitch, time expansion, reversing... I like AudioSculpt app for doing subtle pitch bends too... I know a few people who have messed with that Antares Throat plugin & gotten interesting results - it models the throat & vocal tract: http://www.antarestech.com/products/avox.shtml

  • @tim AudioSculpt looks interesting -- I hadn't seen that one before. I've heard of Antares Throat but have never used it, let alone on non-human material. Thanks for sharing!
    – Tyler
    Sep 15, 2010 at 1:45

How about SpectrumWorx sound mangler?

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