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Zombie Voice How To?

Hello, I am working on a film that have a lot of zombies. Do you have any advice on making the voice of the zombies (they are non actually speaking)? I tried to make few sounds that are not bad, (...
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How do you make YOUR Monster sounds?

I'm sure we all have our own unique taste for monster vocals, just as sure as I am that we all downloaded Tim Prebble's seal vocal library for those same vocals. (If you haven't check it out here http:...
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2 answers

Creature Sound Design - Griffin

Working on some creature sound design for a griffin - head of a bird, body of a lion. Just trying to capture the sound of its growl/roar. Trying to come up with something growly and menacing like a ...
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Shadow creature sounds

I have to design the sounds of a creature made of shadow for an horror short film. The sounds will be melted in a cemetery background. We only see it for 1 or 2 seconds at the end, so the sounds must ...
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Anyone have a moment to offer some critique?

Hello Sound Designers! I added a sound to the SSD Soundcloud group that I'd like some feedback from. It's the one titled "monster". I haven't done creature effects before, so I started messing ...
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Monster Voice Sound Layering

A good part of the last year and a half i've spent creating monster sounds. Recording with different people, mics, creating synth patches, etc. One of the most challenging parts is layering different ...
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Language Design/Conlang in Sound Art: Do you know any examples?

Hi, I'm going to do a project of language design, that is the creation of an artificial language like it happens, for example, for the aliens of some sc-fi movies. (Famous examples are the aliens in ...
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Star Wars Varactyl's voice

I've reviewed modern “Star Wars” trilogy and one sound just blew my mind. It was Varactyl's voice in the third episode. The hooting call at the very beginning:
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Hey guys, I really need to come up with a mean epic dragon vox sfx. I tried using a bunch of animal sounds slowed down, but nothing seems to fit! any ideas?
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How Did They Do That?? Vol. 1: The Predator "clicks"

If anyone knows how the iconic Predator "click" vocalizations were created (for the original film, that is), then please, do share! (This means you David Stone, Richard Anderson and John Pospisil!) If ...
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Telepathic creature VOX

Name a non-human character from a film who talks in english telepathically but emits(speaks) no additional languages. I can't think of one. Also, list a few of your favorite "scary" creature vocals(...
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Favorite plug-ins for building creature vocals

Besides the obvious like pitch shift, I have a few favorites such as Prosoniq's Morph and PiWarp, iZotope Spectron, and GRM tools as well as some of the Pluggo suite. What are your favorite plug-ins ...
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The Warm-Blooded Cold-Blooded-Killer Sounds Like ______?

So a new project hit my desk today. It's a doc about dinos, so I'm a little excited. I'll be trying some of the Dino hints, tips, and tricks that you all have already shared. But there's one aspect ...
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