Panagiotis Kouvelis

Greetings digital nomads!

I am a creative media entrepreneur with interest in instructional design and education, on the same time I'm an audio engineer that likes to study the discipline of sound design and the cognitive deserts where engineering and design merge.

I believe that all we gather is knowledge and all we do is solutions. I enjoy troubleshooting of any kind as much as I enjoy a day at the beach with a cold beer on my hands.

I'm also a martial arts practitioner and teacher with a keen interest in the true nature of violence, not what you see in the movies or you may fantasize in your mind, it's mostly about how violence exists in nature in various forms that we don't really see or realize.

I like to have many interests and always try to be a generalist by following a path of specialization.

I keep a quality-over-quantity philosophy on whatever project I take part or lead.

I don't separate work with life, I already do what I love, so it's the same to me.

For more information you can visit my official website at panagiotis-kouvelis.com.

I also found and manage a media and software production and distribution company called MediaFlake Ltd, you can find more at www.mediaflake.com.

Two of the main branded divisions of my company are www.soundfellas.com and www.bluefacegames.com. Feel free to visit and get a glimpse of what those are about.

I would like to warmly thank you for taking the time to read about me, we are not important in life, but our lives can be important. If you like to connect just let me know of your purpose and dreams at panagiotis@mediaflake.com.

Tomorrow is always a new day.

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