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Speech synthesis in MATLAB : diphthongs

I am trying to generate vowels on MATLAB by using source-filter model. In case of monophthongs I'm using Rosenberg pulse as my source signal and then this source signal is convoluted with sounds ...
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2 answers

What exactly makes a person's voice differ from other's?

What are the characteristics of a voice that make it different from other voice, in terms of properties of the sound wave ?
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2 votes
3 answers

Software to identify words or voices in a recording?

I have several legally obtained recordings ... too many. They're not labeled and I would like to see if I can "scan" these recordings for a particular voice so I know if that person is on that ...
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Is it possible to create a "Vocal Pad" with just synthesizers?

I'm trying to create a "vocal pad", just to clarify an ethereal voice singing just a single, sustained vowel. I'm approaching by using many band pass filters ( ie formants ) trying to emulate human ...
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