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Removing Background Conversations in Audition [duplicate]

I recorded some spur of the moment interviews using my DSLR at an event. The people I interviewed came out well enough for my ears to discern what they are saying, but there is a lot of background ...
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I need to record a control track (timecode noise) as a WAV file. Can this be done through software only?

To sync up the Audio Description track, the client requires a separate Control Track, which I gather is an output of timecode that matches the audio sync. Anyone familiar with this notion, and how ...
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FCP 7 swap in externally edited audio track

In Final Cut Pro 7, I've edited together a scene, using the original audio recordings from the video files. However, after doing so, I realized that I needed to edit the audio using an external ...
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Tranferring from STP to FCP

I have an FCP file whose audio I exported to STP in order to apply filters, change levels, etc. Once finished in STP, I wanted to re-export my edited audio clips back into FCP, to update my FCP ...
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Linking to Source Media in Final Cut OMFs

We're hammering out some workflow issues in prep for a new television series here at work, and I was just wondering, has anyone had any success in creating an OMF in Final Cut that links to the source ...
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