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Do mobile phones etc. convert stereo music to binaural for earbud listening?

It used to be that everyone listened to music in their homes using hi-fi stereo systems with huge amps and speakers. But today, almost all music is listened to using ear-bud speakers. Stereo sound ...
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How do I fix bass on earbuds and speakers?

I want you to know that I have no education in music production. I am self-taught now for almost two years. I score orchestral music using FL Studio, but I have a problem. The sounds are different ...
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Panning/stereo problem with Denon AH-MM200BK headphones [closed]

I have a pair of Denon AH-MM200BK headphones and listen to music on my iPhone or Macbook Pro. When I listen to songs with them, the vocal track sounds off in the distance and quiet as do lead guitar ...
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can I use Hearing protectors with my earbud headphones for a better listening experience?

I was in the process of buying some good quality headphones with excellent Isolation, and I came to the decision to save up some money and buy an expensive one which is something I can't afford atm, ...
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Why do my earbuds buzz when I pass the alarm gate in my library?

I noticed that when I pass the alarm gates in my library (the ones that beep when you bring a book through) I hear a high pitched buzz in my earbuds. When I take my earbuds off, I hear nothing. I'd ...
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How to preserve your hearing?

In your normal work routine as a sound engineer is there anything to look out for? I began to fear about my hearing ability. I don't even know that right now am I hearing the same thing as others? (...
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Earbud recommendations? [closed]

I was doing some research on a nice set of in-ear buds mostly for iPod use. Thought I'd start here. I had some shures that were pretty nice, but they broke (cable separated from bud) a while back ...
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