For best audio quality from a live audience event, complete with audience reactions (laughter, cheering etc.) I understand that it is necessary to perform audio levelling manually, via clip gain points/nodes/keyframes/envelopes. I realise that automation tools (like RX) can help, but here I am specifically interested in the "hand-tailored" approach.

Although I have some years of experience in doing this, I have always worked alone, and I have always wondered how my approach compares to that of others, indeed whether it could be improved in quality and/or productivity (eg keyframe density). To me this kind of work seems like a fine art, but despite much web (including video) searching I have never found any examples going into detail on real-life timelines with envelope-based levelling, shaping the audience reactions and presenter comebacks so that they sounds realistic etc. Any pointers/tips ?

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    I don't have any examples, but if I were to be doing this type of task by hand, I'd be dragging a fader on an as-live pass, with automation, then going back through to tweak up by hand. I'd also have a comp on it to level things up a bit. I'd be doing this in Cubase/Nuendo etc as a sound stage with ancillary video playback, not in a video editor.
    – Tetsujin
    Mar 29, 2021 at 16:14


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