I was doing some research before purchasing some audio recording equipment, and came across this interesting combination that I can't quite identify: shotgun microphone with foam filter mounted inside a shock mount

From this 2016 video:

(interestingly, this setup never appears again in more recent videos by the author)

I'm fairly confident the microphone is a Sennheiser MKH 416, with possibly the stock foam filter, shoved into a universal shock mount (?). For some reason I like the way this looks, but it seems ill advised to use this shock mount setup rather than a shock mount specifically designed for shotgun mics. Am I correct in my assessment?


I don't know if this is true for every mic/mount combination, but definitely the weight of the mic needs to be balanced by the 'springiness' of the mount.

If they're mis-matched it doesn't work so well.

From a recent question on this site, I tried jamming a $3,000 U87 into a $3 shock mount from a cheap Chinese mic.
It looks kind of OK, but it rings like a bell if you so much as breathe on the mic stand.
Totally useless sonically. It's quite a bit better with its own mic in there.

I'd stick to the mount made for the mic you choose.

enter image description here

If you were wondering why it's battleship grey rather than shiny brushed steel, it's a BBC-spec U87 from the early 80s. They didn't do 'shiny' for Auntie Beeb.

Oh… in answer to your actual question, I haven't the foggiest idea, but it doesn't look well-suited to that application.

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