I am looking for a specific voice effect that I have listened to in many videos on youtube and other places. I don't know what it is called and it also does not sound natural. Here are examples -




Do you notice the subtle 'errrrr'/crunchiness/vibration/distortion/robotic sound at the end of many words? I understand it may be difficult to understand by my explanation but hope someone recognizes it.

I would like to know if this effect has a name or something so as to search further into it or is there is a youtube tutorial somewhere that I can follow, to begin with. Any kind of pointers would help.

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This is not a specific effect, it is simply the result of the V/O artist's voice plus some fairly standard dialogue mixing effects chains, including de-essing, compression and EQ. Nothing more than that.

The main component of what you are hearing is actually the voice of the V/O artist.

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