Every time I switch on my h4N, it takes quite a long time to load. After I finish recording and press the stop button, it also takes a very long time to complete.

When the screen finally appears in stand by mode again and I want to try to listen to my recent recording, it says "invalid file".

What's actually happen here?

I tried taking off the battery when it was still in processing to complete the recording. Since I need to record a new one, but I can't start it without the recording on stand by mode, hence I took out the battery of it.

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Here are a few steps to investigate further :

  • check that your h4n firmware is up to date
  • check that the SD card you are using for recording is supported (here's an example for h4n pro).
  • try to reformat the SD card as your attempt to cut power while recording might have leave either a file or the filesystem in a corrupted state.
  • as @aj-henderson suggested, check that your card functions in another device.
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    I'd also verify if the SD card functions in other devices. It sounds either too slow or corrupt,
    – AJ Henderson
    Jun 28, 2017 at 14:24

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