I have the Waves IR plugin and it has a lot of good impulse responses but the plugin itself isnt very good and all the impulse responses come in .wir. How could I use these impulse responses on the native convolver plugin? I am using FL studio 12.


The reason that Waves store the files in a 'wir' format is to make them proprietary, thus preventing you from using them elsewhere. You would have to reverse-engineer the 'wir' file format, extract the impulse, then move the impulse to another system before you could use it. Probably not worth the hassle.

  • But the Waves plugin is just terrible. I tried a default FL Studio reverb in it and it sounds way worse than the native plugin. – sirgemini Jun 5 '20 at 5:26
  • Also there is this but I'm not sure how to use it: freeverb3vst.osdn.jp/tips/tips.shtml – sirgemini Jun 5 '20 at 5:27

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