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At the moment I'm student on my way to the masters degree.
I'm using Tex now for about 5 years. On spare time I'm also a little into php.

Is TeX just for programmers, or can normal people use it too?

Beautiful piece of code by @Mark Wibrow

\begin{tikzpicture}[>=stealth,every node/.style={text depth=0cm},
  every label/.style={label distance=0.5cm, text=red, inner sep=1cm/16}]
\foreach \i [count=\j, count=\k from 0] in {5,7,9,11}{
  \node [label={[name=p-\j]180:$\k$}, label={[name=q-\j]0:$\i/4$}] 
    (n-\j) at (\j/1.25,-\j/1.75) {$p_{\i}$};
    \draw [->] (n-\k.south) |- (n-\j.west);
    \draw [blue, ->] (p-\k) to [out=250, in=200] (p-\j);
    \draw [blue, ->] (q-\j.north) to [out=90, in=0]  (q-\k.east);

Richtig! Die richtige Antwort lautet: Falsch.
Right! The right answer is: wrong.

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