Professional: A Linux programming freak, Electronics and Computer Engineer developing software, frequently for embedded systems and occasionally for enterprise level applications.

Personality: I am an introvert (for the most part when not at work) who hates arrogant and egoistic (egomaniacs take a note) professionals - Ever heard the saying "Pride goes before a fall"?. I hate crowds, noisy obnoxious, pretentious folks and hecklers. I strongly believe in, and have inculcated, politeness and humility in my behavior. It seems I am a very likable and approachable person from others' perspective. Most folks like talking to me a lot - I don't know why?

Activities: Outside software development, there are myriad activities I spontaneously undertake that define me as a person. I love to explore science, engineering and experience/ appreciate the beauty of the nature. I love to read new articles related to these topics. I am a regular swimmer (30 mins a day, at least 6 days a week) and a short distance hiker. I occasionally like to paint animals and trees. I am also an electric guitarist and play harmonium as well. Ping pong, soccer, volley ball, badminton, cricket, tennis - bring it on. Forget watching sports, let's play!

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