I have a background in web development with an interest in design on the side. I found it fascinating, and it paid for dinner back in college. Once I realized other people seemed to be impressed, I minored in Computer Science and majored in getting out of school.

Thinking "browser stuff" was kids play, I looked for a "real job" and ended up working in Enterprise Java. Shout out to the old Minecraft/bukkit community for the Java experience! :D

After a while, I realized the absurdity of laying out pages with Java, writing logic with XML, and ignoring all the elegant solutions the web has to offer. I returned to good ol' web dev and began my recovery. I'm now a fully functioning fullstack developer happily playing with various technologies and methodologies. On the job I use classic PHP, Laravel, HTML/(S)CSS, vanilla JS, jQuery, shell scripts, and AWS services.

At home I build static sites, React SPAs, and Node.js gadgets.

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