Gürol Canbek

Clipping newspaper photos of computer advertisements and gluing them on notebook (i.e. literally notebook) Basic programming on Commodore 64 (tons of Basic LoCs for a game... read line by line and typing on the keyboard from its user guide. Almost finishing... Aha! electricity was cut. Started again...) Finally a computer engineering student Pascal, Fortran, C++ with Motorola Assembly Code The Internet!!! Graduated! Begin to work... Database Management, SQL Windows, Gupta, Sybase, Delphi... My first computer! (Pentium III) Then, another job: Informix, Oracle, HTML, CSS Keep working... Visual C++, GIS, Qt My first notebook :) Everybody goes mobile so do I (hope) Mobile Apps, Android, iOS, React Native... See my journey at http://gurol.canbek.com/Computer-Engineering/

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