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  • Berlin, Germany


I am software developer based in Berlin, Germany.

My current focus areas are:

  • Java EE (6/7)
  • Javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • Backbone.js and Underscore
  • Node.js (started as sceptic, but growing my excitement ;)
  • Git

I like (in computer technics):

  • Linux/*nix (+1 Debian :), familar with RedHad compatible too)
  • Shellscripting (can do much more and faster than IDEs)
  • Pretty code that reads like poesy and smart commented code (makes us - not only me - understanding things better)
  • Pretty vizualization of data (same as above)
  • Good user interfaces
  • Open source

Freetime activities:

  • Photographing, drawing
  • Cycling, swimming (mainly in summer)
  • Programming, of course ;)

I don't like:

  • The velocity these days ;)

X over Y:

  • Nature over urban
  • Tea over coffee
  • Lowlands over uplands (isn't this an interesting picture ;)
  • Warm over cold over hot (> 28°C/82°F) ;)
  • "Healthy" food over fast/junk food ;)
  • Walking, running, cycling over driving by car, bus, train
  • MIT license over GPL


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