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Sorry, but this is wired about as wrong as it's possible to do:\ You're running stereo into balanced line, then splitting the balanced line & hoping to get stereo back. That is not going to happen. Also you're trying to run a line-level output into a mic-level input. That's going to burn something out if you're not careful. This is the pinout for the H4n ...


Connect the guitar using the 1/4 inch input. 48V is only applied to the XLR.


To match impedances & levels properly you need an XLR>XLR. That will fix your volume issue, & allow you to run much further than with an unbalanced cable. <slight rant> I've no idea why anyone would sell a mic with an unbalanced cable in the first place… yet they do, for some unknown reason. Even a semi-pro live desk will have balanced mic ...


Guesses… XLR 1 has one broken wire, hot or cold, can't tell. This would in effect halve the power. XLR 2 has a short between hot/cold & ground. This might potentially be giving the DAC 48v where it wasn't expecting it, possibly frying something. For next time… Take the barrels off & visually inspect the connections. Use a continuity tester/...

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