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guess I've found a good starting point for bubbling: pink noise --> plugin called "Hysterisis" --> preset ASD_Juicer but also pink noise --> plugin called "Molekular" --> preset Sheperd_Sortie had to tweak stuff but those, for whoever is interested, is a good starting point for synthesized water bubbling


You could use a VST like Uhe Zebra2, it works great with for organic Fx. I successfully created sea waves sounds using this VST and water like effect with a slightly bubbled sound.


When you say "artificial soundscape" does this mean you can use anything BUT the sound of water? So, you couldn't record different kinds of running water sounds? Instead you would have to create that sound with an alternative source? I suppose the question I would ask myself is "what does running water sound like?" I think that's a very loaded question. ...


One tip - be sure it's round. Square tanks have terrible slapback resonance.

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