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The quality will not be degraded, however the noise of your mic and setup will also increase. Answer is no to your question, but it introduces other problems if not handled well. Hope this answer helps you.


This is known as gain-staging. In a pro environment this is done by watching the meters at each stage, setting levels to give the highest signal without ever going near distortion (leaving headroom). High signal gives a lower noise-floor, higher SNR (signal to noise ratio). In a semi-pro or consumer environment with no accurate metering you can really only ...


This is a tough one, because not only will any set of speakers designed to perform well at high volume be lacking in detail & depth at low volume, but also your ears respond differently. Personally, I find my dynAudio BM6A's to be very much OK at low levels (minus the chest-thumping lows, of course), which was one of the reasons I bought them (the other ...

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