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You need to check the units. What kind of dB is that 98.2?? SPL? dBV, dbu, dBFS, other? You cant mix apples and oranges and get something useful. If you know the dBs you are playing with then audacity can amplify and compress your file and export an mp3 that will match what is needed.


You need a mike with AGC or else use compression. Not sure why the hangup on increasing everything unless you have noises in the background. That requires a better recording initially and done in a quiet room. If you really insist then select the low voice sections and normalize them andor compress them with make up gain. But that may not give the ...


Yes sortof maybe. Special plug ins can help a lot depending on the exact problem. The only correct thing to do is to get a better recording. Teach the speaker/vocalist how to use the mike to avoid breath sounds. Use a quiet room to avoid ancillary sounds. Noise reduction works quite well to remove hissy type noise but other sounds, NOT properly called ...


First normalize to -1dB which is the default. Use function normalize. Then lower it about 18 with amplify. Again that is in function amplify. Next compress it 2.5x1 ratio in function compress. Then check that the make up gain brings you to -1dB else normalize again.


Simply reduce the output gain by 6.5dB - that will get you from -7.5LUFS to -14LUFS. Job Done.


Only a non-answer for now: I searched on this issue for weeks, and found no research or publication that investigate what Ayasugi or other sound box patterning actually do (in English at least). In some translations from Japanese or Chinese, it is simply stated that this feature improves the sound. I searched mostly for the instruments Koto and Gu-Qin. An ...

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