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Using Audacity, how do I split out separate speakers from a single track to multiple tracks?

This is the basis of editing. Select and blade the regions of audio that you need, and then move them to the requisite track. It's laborious, but that's the way it's done.
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Are actors' voices in the 2.0 sound positioned in correspondence with where we can see them in the video?

This is not a field I work in, though I am a [retired] sound engineer & currently work in the TV/film industry, so it's one where I watch & listen to the results of other people's work a lot, ...
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Anyway to track out two different voices within 1 audio file?

One thing that might be helpful is to use what I believe is called "strip silence", where logic will analyze the audio file and break it into chunks by removing any portions that don't have any audio ...
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What is the best way to change the voice from male to female (instantly)?

First, you have to think of the sound you really want to achieve. Generally, female vocals are pitched higher than male vocals, so with some other processing you should be able to get what you want. ...
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