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What are these microphone connectors?

Those are DIN connectors. DIN line-level signals expect a different impedance than is usual for RCA or XLR connections. IIRC you can put a resistor in series to convert to RCA. I'm not sure what ...
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Emulating StarWars X-Wing Recv Communications Effect

I'm sure there are a lot of techniques to achieve this effect, but in a low-fidelity voice communication system the sound waves reduce both in width (sample rate) and hight (bit depth). Reducing the ...
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Emulating StarWars X-Wing Recv Communications Effect

Try some ring modulation plugs, that may get you partway there. How they achieved it for the original film, you'd have to petition Ben Burtt to devulge that information!
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can you help me identify the vintage synths used in this opening of the pilot episode of Dino Riders

The sound reminds me of Roland synths. I have a vague memory of a friend with an old Juno that had a patch like this. I can sort of mimic it with my DX7. The key is that there should be some high pass ...
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