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How to make gunfire like in Cave arcade shmups?

I'm only going to tackle one aspect of this - I'm ignoring the implied 'how do I use a DAW' aspect, as it's well outside the remit of this stack. The way you set this up could likely depend on the ...
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How do 7.1 VSS speakers know where the sound is coming from

Game developers use a software framework to manage dynamically rendered sound effects (dynamically meaning the sound designer cannot know in advance where this sound is supposed to come from or at ...
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How can I splice previous voice recordings to create completely new audio?

Assuming, you like to create a new speech signal that sounds natural, there is multiple levels of "sound" that you have to consider: base frequency (pitch of your voice) overtone frequencies (sound ...
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How do I make this sound in Logic Pro?

Any synth can create this - it sounds like detuned square waves with ADSR envelope modulation to a low pass (LP) filter, with a short decay. Just bring the LP cutoff down and turn the envelope ...
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How to record two people side by side?

Shotgun microphones, by definition, are very narrow directional microphones. Placing them on the side will give you a hard time because of that. Microphones should be placed in front of you, since I ...
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Are BRSTM files lossless?

The Binary Revolution Stream format uses ADPCM to represent audio data. ADPCM uses a lossless compression algorithm. ADPCM is an adaptation of DPCM, which is in turn, an adaptation of PCM. ...
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Are BRSTM files lossless?

From a quick read through several of the links above, I believe it's most appropriate to call BRSTM a lossless audio format. For a start, let's define "lossless audio": For simplicity's sake, a ...
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Why does everyone use the same dolphin sound effect?

some of them are inside jokes, like the Wilhelm scream, but mostly it's due to the ubiquity of the Hollywood Edge libraries that everyone uses! Also, pretty sure the "eagle" sound is actually a red-...
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Making Voice filter based on video game character using Audacity

i think there's surely a short delay/reverberator in this sample that provides that weird slapback / small room space(with more than one repeat). Also there's some kind of vocoding going on , Im not ...
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*newbie alert* looking for a good course to start learning sound design

I've known about a cool playlist of sound design "mini-tutorials" on YouTube specifically for Zebra2. It covers things like: Usage of ADSR Envelopes Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Frequency ...
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*newbie alert* looking for a good course to start learning sound design

I really recommend finding sounds that you like and recreating them. As stated before, nothing beats experimentation. However, focused experimentation is really important. This is how I first learned -...
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