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Assuming it's a "standard" sort of scene... Two Shot (won't really get wide in a car), OTS, OTS and a couple of CU's, then the most important thing you can do is to make sure you get LOTS of room tone (ie background sound) for each setup. Inevitably the noise is going to be different from one side to the other, and an editor(you or another) will need that ...


This is a long shot, but I just created a little programme for you to generate your own. The idea is that you'll have a SUPER clean version of it, and then you can add the plugins you want to make it sound like it's in your desired space. The problem is I have no idea what LA pedestrian crossing beeps sound like, so I'm basing it off the UK one. You need ...


I have one recording, although not sure how much car noise was in it. It was a quick record on my way to the parking garage here in LA. 96k 24bit.. PM me? or What's your email?


I've never recorded in this typical situation but i could be done. Espesecially if the image (shot and frame) show the actual location and the listener is supposed to feel this space. On loudness/heaviness of background noises. It depends on the time of day (evenings will have less traffic), but also the car model and if windows or doors are being opened ...


http://soundcloud.com/chrisnealysound/berkeley-5pm-crossing-chirp-2 http://soundcloud.com/chrisnealysound/berkeley-5pm-crossing-chirp here are the two tracks from Berkeley of chirps

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