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Jay, Jay, Jay ... Remember when we were all "sound editors" and proud of it? Remember when that meant knowing how to cut sound FX, cut dialogue, cue and cut foley, cue and cut ADR, conform pre-dubs & stems? It meant knowing how to do it all. I now know fx editors/designers who have never cut dialogue (and don't know how), dialogue editors who can't do ...


If you mean the soundie manning the controls then voice over recordist would do just nicely!


In my opinion, your role is defined not only by what you do for a project but by who you work/interact with and with what authority. So a few options: Are you the only "sound person" on your project? Do you interface with the director yourself? Will you be the one in charge of signing off on the final audio product before it is shown/submitted to the ...


Voice-over recordist or Recording engineer is fine. I record VOs for TV and radio spots and am called a recording engineer. However, I can't remember ever appearing in any credits for it.


I would say I am a sound mixer. I have been mixing television shows for the last 8 years for a fairly large production company. While I do add my own elements into each show, the majority of it is put together by the offline editor. Then it comes to me. I clean up the narration, dialogue, add nats or sfx, mix the music to correct levels, and most importantly ...

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