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Kylo Ren Voice Changer

Well I've tried to come close : I used reaper, Izotope Trash 2 for saturation and Izotope Ozone 5 for multiband compression. 1. pitch shift - 3 semitones 2. Cut some ...
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Do digital oscilloscopes display timbre or fundamental waves?

You have a slight misunderstanding of what a wave is. Your ears (or an oscilloscope) will hear the sound of pressure increasing and decreasing. That's what sound is. The air in your ear can really ...
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When a timbre actually "change" on playback?

This is simply the way that the brain processes sound information. It's exactly the same as listening to a violin in a dry anechoic environment and then listening to the violin in a concert hall. You ...
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Kylo Ren Voice Changer

I have just seen the following article where this sound effect is mentioned ( It is interesting to note ...
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What determines the 'innate signature' of a person's voice?

Timbre is a general term for the properties of any sound. In the case of the human voice, what makes a person recognisable and distinct from other people are the "formants" created by the ...
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Are there any plugins or production techniques that can tranform a male voice into a female voice

You can go and check the IRCAM Tool : TRAX. They are a French Sound Research Center, and they created some pretty powerful plug-ins lately. ...
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