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Designing a sub-woofer enclosure - suitable for an amateur?

Certainly you can optimize (or at least increase) the performance (efficiency, flatness, coverage, etc. etc.) of a speaker system by using the standard tools. You can use the Thiele-Small parameters ...
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Trying to re-create the New York Transit Authority Bass sound on FL Sudio 12

It sounds simple and fundamentally it is, but what gives the sound it's character is vibrato and some stereo effects. Rather than just explaining, I thought I'd take a quick shot at recreating this ...
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Mixing Subbass and kick. How to replicate this tech house bass

This one is pretty simple actually. It's purely sounds like a sidechained sub line. I'll break it down in more detail with what I think he did. It sounds like a kick with mediocre low end but ...
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Mixing Subbass and kick. How to replicate this tech house bass

What this guy actually does (to my ears), he has the kick with some "ok" low end and then when the bass part comes he adds the sub. The context is a very powerful tool when mixing, makes things sound ...
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Getting a sub bass and a 808 kick to play well together?

I am using sidechain+spectral analayzer for mixing bass and kick. It will work great when your bass ducking on the specific eq range. you may check this video for more information.
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same size speaker vs subwoofer

Subwoofers usually have comparatively small air volume for their output power, implying that they work with resonance to some degree. Which implies that their impulse response has characteristics of ...
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