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Whoo-whee, that's a subjective area...that's also really fun! Can't wait to see the answers here. Starting with what works (and, granted, is cliched) doesn't hurt: Striking thin metal wires or springs under tension with other metallic objects. Good for base layers and achieving the baseline Star Wars or Wall-E sound, even if you do it just as an exercise to ...


Pumping is a technical term which (for the most part) describes the compression technique used. Having said that, many people mess up this term with various ways, others with sidechain bass compression, or others with simply loud kicking tracks. Pumping is an effect created when a compressor dives a bit more than what's needed to compress but still remain ...


Try to run sounds through a fast doppler and layer those sounds together with real world weapons and wire sounds. Could be a way to give each laser sound a subtle character. Try to experiment with feedback loops and run it through a doppler. It's already late and these ideas are all that came into my mind. I hope that you can use them.


Hi, Benjie! You have already very nice suggestions above and I'd like to share mine too: very recently, by accident, I step into a sonority very close to the laser thing. (Apart from handling the gun and other great details that should make the difference) I took a file of a metal impact with some reverb on it, reversed it (here I might choose to keep the ...


My whole basement is a giant Amerigo Vespucci sail boat that creaks wherever you go. There's a spot on the first step of the stairs that has a wide bandwidth going from high to low frequencies. I recorded it by controlling the speed of the creeks with my foot or my hand and got some laser type sounds this way. Laser in real life don't make any sound so I ...


Doesn't look like anyone's said what I use specifically yet so here's another option for y'all. Rattlesnake magnets - two small oblong magnets that buzz and sputter against each other when you throw them up in the air near, but not next, to each other. Slinkie - take a standard slinkie and hang it from a height where it is just barely touching the floor. ...


Thanks for all the great answers everyone! I spent the entire weekend on nothing but lasers and while it was a looooong weekend, it was really fun! I tried several new techniques for lasers and it turned out great!. If i could recommend one plug in bundle for someone starting sound design, I would have to say without a doubt in my mind... GRM Tools!!! ...


Take a machine room tone that´s constant in pitch and put it to soundforge or similar sound editor. Pitch bend the sound up to down. Experiment with ricochets and flangers. Combine these to assets together.


I'd like to suggest my personal favourite, Image-Line's Vocodex. Nice routing and tweaking options, and it's not too expensive either, sitting at 99 USD :)

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