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Security for studio monitors

This might be overkill, but you can use the same security cables you'd use with a laptop or anything with the Kensington security slots, but instead of relying on the slots, you'd install the same ...
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Why are there rack strips with both three and two holes per U?

Short answer: there are three holes because the specifications require it. Most rack units today have their mounting holes at the corners, but I have seen older multi-RU gear where the holes are ...
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Setting up Home Studio, need advise on setup

In a tiny room like that, with unspecified materials, the quickest way to find out is to try it. My optimum in a home studio ended up being this… My ceiling is also partially sloped. Room is approx ...
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"Super W" neoprene pads for electronic drum decoupling platform?

I would approach this from the perspective of having a rigid coupling between the seat, the drummer and the entire kit. Consequently, I think you would need a "floating" floor setup that can be ...
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