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Wild Strawberries The Seventh Seal Cries and Whispers by Ingmar Bergman are the best ones to study the excellent use of silence in a film. Besides these a few of my personal favourites include Peeping Tom, The Conversation, Once Upon A Time In The West and OFCOURSE Apocalypse Now! A lotta films are going through my head right now, these are a few.


In the UK, Masters level courses in arts subjects -tend- to focus more on theory/concept than the technical aspects; its generally expected that you know those already, and that what you're doing is of a personal research nature. I know that Edinburgh's course is fairly 'conceptually' focussed, for example. The balance of that may vary among these courses, ...


Interesting question. I can understand your difficulty in making a decision. However I feel that you are overlooking the fact that you probably won't learn a whole lot, simply because you already have learned in practice. Most University courses I know focus a lot on technical aspects, that's not exactly what you need. (That is an impressive list of skills, ...


Stoker by Chan-wook Park it's sublime I must say!!!

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