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In theory, yes. A filter is known as linear if it is both additive and homogeneous. For an additive filter, the filtered sum of signals is the same as the sum of filtered signals. (Homogeneity means that gain or attenuation can come before or after the filter.) Most digital reverbs, including all convolution reverbs, are linear filters. In practice, also ...


Route the output of each track to another empty track. Record arm the destination tracks and then hit record. When the record pass is done all your effects and automation will be "printed" to the new tracks.


Thats a pretty common delivery for any film short or feature length that is being distributed. Hopefully you agreed upon some sort of delivery requirement in your contract with your client. Completely doing an M & E after the fact can be a lot of work. Was it expressed beforehand that they need this as a delivery requirement? If they do need an M&...


Print the stem only reverbs to an audio track, then print the full mix with reverb to an audio track, line the tracks up to start at the same time, solo them, and invert the phase on one of the tracks if you hear anything they are different.


One argument in favor of predubbing "traditionally" as in printing pre-mixes, would be archiving. You would never have to worry about corrupt session files or Pro Tools v20ish not being able to open up your R3 predub session for some remix/remaster something down the line. You'll have complete audio files that can be dropped into any DAW. To answer you ...

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