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At first I was reluctant to answer this question, as I believe in order to do this properly, will cost more than the value of said sub-woofer. However as nobody else has commented, I will give you an answer on how you can do this. There are two problems we need to overcome: The mixer has no further outputs to connect the subwoofer. The subwoofer has ...


A few quick notes At stage volumes, you really really want to be using a SSD Drive. You will have issues with normal platter style HDD's at stage volumes due to vibration Even with a SSD, you're going to want to sit the laptop on some vibration damping type material. Grab some mopads (designed for acoustically decoupling speakers) and sit it on that, ...


There are a few possible reasons. If you see just two identical mics it's for coverage and diversity -- to get a good signal no matter where the speaker faces, to shape the pickup pattern. If you see multiple different mics it's usually because the venue didn't provide a 'gang box', a splitter that can supply feeds to many different sources, or one or more ...


I wouldn't run stereo in that setup at all. The closest approximation you would achieve would have only those in the centre of each block being able to hear the image... You would also only be able to give any sense of directionality to those at the sides. Those sitting top & bottom would have stereo, but it would be reversed. I'd just run mono.


It's not ideal, but if you don't use the headphone output on the mixer, just run a stereo 1/4" to rca y-splitter cable to the rca inputs of the subwoofer. Otherwise, I'd have to agree that it would be more trouble/expensive than it is worth.


I think it may just be that your Dell is not up to the task - that's a pretty old machine (2005!). It could be simply failing in one or multiple ways. You could format it, re-install the basics of what you need and try again, but chances are it's not up to the job. Personally, I would never trust a laptop this old in a live situation if there was anything ...

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