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How to interpret the analog output of an SPL meter?

Based on a suggestion by Jojek in a comment, I tested the DC output using a sinusoidal signal of stepped amplitude: The results are given for 90dB SPL, 80dB SPL and 70dB SPL as read on the meter ...
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Explaining in laymen terms the difference between a recorded waveform sound levels and SPL levels

Assuming that your app is working at all, the most likely explanation is that the microphone circuit in your tablet contains a high pass filter (a filter which removes low frequencies). This means ...
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Sound pressure level of speakers and hearing damage

It's like a sports car that can go 300 mph, yet you'd never actually drive it that fast. Specs to impress and sell the product, rather than be practical. Also consider distance from the speaker — how ...
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What is the correct way to add decibel values?

Depends entirely upon the context in which you are operating. For instance: a signal that is peaking at -20dBFS is amplified by 6dB will subsequently peak at -14dBFS. a signal that is peaking at -...
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Why is 1000W pro Amp delivering less SPL than 100W cheap amp?

I was shocked that when cranked to max, the sound pressure was significantly lower than with the cheap amp. Did you measure this, or was this perceived loudness? If it's perceived loudness: distorted ...
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Do I have enough information to make frequency response curve?

If you want the freq response curve (transfer function) of your speaker, or room, or any piece of gear you can use this software or other similar programs: Just hook up an ...
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