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What's the name for the type of x-axis scale used in frequency graphs?

It's a Logarithmic scale & is used where a linear scale wouldn't really make sense & would reduce the detail in the lower portions of the graph. As each octave doubles the frequency. The ...
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Why is there noise in my spectrum analyser despite having no external devices plugged in?

All audio electronics create noise, including your interface itself. It's actually pretty good that the self noise of the interface is at around -100 dB. Even when all other sources of noise are ...
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How to create an audio file from a spectrogram?

You can use Coagula. I believe it is the same software Aphex Twin used in Windowlicker.
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MP3 Psychoacoustic Cut-off Frequencies for Low-Bitrate Presets

Here is a tentative answer based on the 192kHz 24-bit Japanese female speech sample: First I generate the test files from the sample file, sample02.wav: for br in 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 80; do ...
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Logically ANDing two tracks together

Anything that you do that requires math-type operations relies on the inputs being sample-aligned. Just consider that logical operations are bitwise operations - so what is it you are proposing? ...
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Audio spectrum analysis: PC Software vs Hardware Spectrum Analyzer

You can obtain very accurate audio spectrum analysis with a software analyzer. You must nevertheless be aware of the potential distortion brought by your acquisition chain (microphone + preamp) and ...
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How to create an audio file from a spectrogram?

There's also this project with some examples
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Why does this spectrorgam look so jagged?

lol, those "strange lines" (horizontal) are harmonics; and because this spectrogram is scaled linearly, they're evenly spaced; if it was scaled logarithmically, it would closer represent what we hear. ...
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