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Ultra-efficient sound editing tips for battle scenes?

The trick is to use a random midi notes generator to trig a sampler full of that kind of sounds. Here is a tuto I made for my reel:
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Ultra-efficient sound editing tips for battle scenes?

I believe there are some plugins that allow you to use a combination of altered pitch, volume and cut to more efficiently lay effects with variance so you don't fall into the trap of repeating the ...
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SoundMiner Relink Spotting List files

Found a solution: I located the ~/Library/Application Support/Soundminer/Spotting folder and replaced all the OLD FX DRIVE PATHS with "NEW DRIVE NAME" with textwrangler on all relevant ...
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Metadata exporting and editing options in Soundminer HD and HD Plus

That feature is actually in a different area (and labeled differently) in Windows. Go to Edit/Dump Results to Text. I should clarify I'm basing this on HD Plus. Not sure if it is in plain HD.
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Soundminer tips/shortcuts/workflow ideas

I know, this is an old post, but in case new user found this, here are some tips every soundminer user should know: Creating a clearly arranged database structure for your sounds. Create a database ...
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