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Ultra-efficient sound editing tips for battle scenes?

The trick is to use a random midi notes generator to trig a sampler full of that kind of sounds. Here is a tuto I made for my reel:
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Ultra-efficient sound editing tips for battle scenes?

I believe there are some plugins that allow you to use a combination of altered pitch, volume and cut to more efficiently lay effects with variance so you don't fall into the trap of repeating the ...
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SoundMiner Relink Spotting List files

Found a solution: I located the ~/Library/Application Support/Soundminer/Spotting folder and replaced all the OLD FX DRIVE PATHS with "NEW DRIVE NAME" with textwrangler on all relevant ...
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Metadata exporting and editing options in Soundminer HD and HD Plus

That feature is actually in a different area (and labeled differently) in Windows. Go to Edit/Dump Results to Text. I should clarify I'm basing this on HD Plus. Not sure if it is in plain HD.
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Copy metadata description field from soundminer to BWAV

Export Soundminer Metadata fields to text. Import in Excel, copy paste columns. Save as txt and import back into Soundminer database. Then right click and embed metadata.
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Difference between Soundminer HD and V4

I use v4 at work and HD at home. For the most, HD has been serviceable for home use but after several years of getting by on HD, I'm planning on upgrading to v4. While it's all spelled out on their ...
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Soundminer tips/shortcuts/workflow ideas

I know, this is an old post, but in case new user found this, here are some tips every soundminer user should know: Creating a clearly arranged database structure for your sounds. Create a database ...
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