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I would swing a tennis racket or something that makes a slicing noise when you swing the item.


It's probably best to say that initially, the question you are trying to ask is meaningless. In order to understand why, you should research exactly what a "decibel" is and how it is used. To summarise the key points, 'dB' is not an absolute reference to a measurement of anything, it is a way of describing relative measurements based on a known ...


Please understand that this answer is written with a bit of tounge in cheek, partially containing a joke. Decibel is relative measurement, there are no absolute values. So, assume we define dBA as the relative amount of apples and we define that 1 apple equals 0 dBA. Half an apple would be -6 dBA and two apples would be 6 dBA. Let us also define 0 dBB as one ...


When talking about decibels, they are not a specific value but a ratio between two numbers. If you have 0dBV it does not equal 0 volts. It is equal to 1 volt. 1+1=2. 2 volts = 6dBV

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