By no means a canonical list, but what I've found has become most useful to me, in situations like yours (recording SFX in a controlled interior as opposed to field recording): Know your polar patterns. Shotguns vs. cardioids vs. omnis, etc. etc. - they all have unique advantages and disadvantages that indoor conditions usually amplify. Know your room. This ...


sample rate convert on import... soundminer or Pro Tools will ask when importing as the system can't work with mixed sample rates. 96 to 48 is fine, it's half data, like 88.2 to 44.1. record sfx at 24/96 for future proofing library.


Sound Dogs might be your best bet: http://sounddogs.com/ If you want a lot of door sounds, you could check out Sound Ideas door library: http://sound-ideas.com/9000.html


Best guess: A pig. Alternative: A door opening and floorboards creaking when the person starts walking through the door.


I remember, years ago, finding a little freeware program that generates 8 bit synth FX, but i can't remember what it was called. Here is a tool i found that does something similar. There seem to be quite a few options if you google something like "free 8 bit fx generator". Hope that helps!


The other thing to mention is that if the mic and preamp and A/D support higher than 20-20kHz (such as a SD 7-series and a mic like the MKH8040, it means that by recording in 96k, you WILL capture content extending to the upper harmonics which cannot be heard by our ears normally. So when you varispeed these sounds, it means that there's a plethora of sound ...


I find perspective is important. Sounds can be made more intense with close miking, compression, length, etc, or more subtle/incidental with less processing, more air / space etc. How the sound will be used dictates the approach.


You need to listen to the recordings that you pick up and define whether they are good or whether you want/need to improve them. Then do what is needed to improve what you're picking up (adjust the sound source, adjust the mic setup and handling, adjust the room/environment or buy better equipment). After you start thinking less about how to record, you can ...

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