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How do I take a song's music and convert into single notes for a looping 3D animation video

first time even visiting here, hope I can help in some way. I first would like to clarify the meaning of a "beat". I think for most people here, a beat would first refer to the rhythmical ...
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Looking for a VST (or name of the effect) to turn any short sound byte into a synth

From your description it sounds ;-) to me that what you want to look for is a sampler. Samplers are used to create as example realistic sounds for instruments and then comes with libraries of sounds. ...
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Can this sound be created without electronic means?

That sounds electronically created, or at the very least augmented, like a descendant of some classic anime sound effects, with more punch. Here's a great tutorial on that topic:
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How do I turn ordinary speech into something inaudible, in Adobe Audition? So it sounds a bit like mumble

This answer is for FL Studio but you can also find free VST for bit crushing or ringing for Adobe Audition like and You can ...
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How to replicate specific sound effect

Speed up the audio in the recording It sounds like an explosion or like a kick/snare Find a snare and lower the speed with e.g. audacity->effects->pitch and tempo->change tempo while having ...
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making a tree crack and creak and falling with sound synthesis

I used Odin 2 (a free VST) and used the Drum sounds there (specifically hihat and snare) of which I changed the lowpass filter. Also I used an equalizer to add mid frequencies Then I added a reverb ...
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programming for sound design and music

Sonic Pi is an easy to use, open source language for programming synthesizers and more. It can be used with pretty much an OS. I use it for Raspberry Pi. EDIT: I highly recommend taking a look at the ...
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